Friday, 7 September 2012

Day Two - And so it begins

Happily some of the remembered articles already coming in useful. New parts for the petrol weed-wacker which will hopefully decimate the aforementioned jungle, a full and comprehensive DVD collection of fresh out the cellophane,and cinema films that will complement our purposely chosen 42 inch French television with accompanying TNT package…sure, it’s an opportunity to watch back to back episodes of Dr.House,Vampire Diairies and NCIS Los Angeles all dubbed and subtitled into French,but hey these days they ACTUALLY bother to choose people who SOUND like the original actors and there’s no better incentive to learn French then a little eye candy begging to be translated, " Merci beaucoup Monsieur Damon Salvatore",you still apparently smoulder convincingly in something other than my native tongue!. But for the odd fall back moments there’s something in every genre of DVD……well mostly in mine, Rom-Com and a couple of thrillers and Marvel films to keep Mr Skinner happy. The worst part will be the last week when we have only the flicks that we kept till last because one or the other of us didn’t fancy them. We WILL watch “Remember Me” at some time Mr Pattinson….but someone told me it was pants and Richard only thought you were EVER any good as Cedric Digby in Harry Porter !!! He has a point. 

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  1. Cedric Diggory! But applaud you on your attempt at a Harry Potter reference. xx