Saturday, 8 September 2012

When is hot, too darn hot ??

Ok so I love the climate here. We are spolit in this area by what is known as a “Microclimate” a portion of land (I am told) that is a local atmospheric zone where the climate differs to the surrounding area, which makes it pretty pleasant 85% of the time, so, when it’s raining, snowing or freezing within the Poitou Charante it usually isn’t within 10 kms of the N10 (the north /south running road that is smack bang in the middle of this phenomenon). The exception to this rule is HEAT….whenever the thermometer starts climbing it soars to silly stupid hot. Our lovely garden faces directly south so that the sun rises and goes on it’s daily travels directly across it. There’s nowhere to hide….except indoors which is where we found ourselves for the most of Wednesday and Thurs but even then, it was to hot to DO anything,except read and drink Perrier. The temperature in our lounge didn’t dip beneath 27 even at 11.30pm and as for the temperature outside?? 38 degs air temp and if you stand still up to 48 on a hand held thermometer. It certainly explains why our neighbours never open their shutters or their windows but just sit in the dark!!. Only the silly English throw back the shutters with gay abandon.  I never knock the weather out here but even I had to admit, and yes I said it “ It’s really TOO hot”  Viewing the “Meteo” it was due for a change, while I’m typing this it is 25.2 in our lounge, MUCH more manageable.  Good job its cooler in the mornings for the dogs. They would fry otherwise. I hadn’t ever really given the prospect of working dogs in heat any thought. I bet on Wednesday they were still working them at Vallee du Salles Agility Club fifteen minutes away, but then they probably have acclimatized. There would have been no way “Swamp coat” or not any of mine would have been out in it. Never mind yours truly.  There are benefits of course. My washing is dry, if a little bleached, in no time at all!! Il fait beau.

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