Monday, 10 September 2012

When is quiet too noisy???

One of the things that I find hard to cope with, believe it or not, is the acute silence at the cottage both during the day,and more so in the middle of the night, the silence is,…..some would say,  deafening !!!
Coming as I do from a reasonably small village in Somerset,you would consider that would be quite “quiet” too, however, I assume that is because the cry of the seagulls(we’re on the coast)the crash of the waves at high tide and the steady movement of village traffic on the main road, plus the planes coming in on their approach to Bristol airport, just don’t register as they are constant. Now when you have constant silence, noise is a totally different affair, it makes it’s presence well and truly heard. A single mosquito buzzing in the room, the owl that has taken to hooting in a neighbouring tree in the middle of the night, the nightingales that don’t sing in Berkeley Square but have a “sing off”with the aforementioned owl. In full Dolby Digital with no other background noise, "You could hear a pin drop” literally, 24/7, It's LOUD folks!.  

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