Saturday, 8 September 2012

End of week One. “Le Tardis” enters the modern age.

We HAVE a phone line, we HAVE a dialling tone….we don’t yet HAVE a modem (that’s on its way) and at the moment or phone calls are provided by France Telecom (ouch) and not the UK based provider we have chosen for our “Anglo” package but otherwise C’est bon. The very nice gentleman arrived with a cherry picker, well I use the term “arrived” loosely. For those of you that don’t know, in France you don’t have a house number,you simply have a road name and an area code. OUR area code 16230 takes in many many villages and our Road “Rue des Loges” extends throughout Luxe itself,serving multiple houses, so any deliveries or house calls are achieved by literally reading letterboxes (where you provide details of your title and Surname). If this were applied in England can you imagine the chaos !! So I “found” my workman at the other end of the village and caught him bang on 8am only by the sheer chance I was walking the dogs in the lane. Conjure if you will the thought of Kif,Phee and myself walking back towards our house being followed by a umpteen ton lorry, which by the way blocks the entire lane once it is “in situ” at our house,and the accompanying workman walks away from it as though causing a complete blockage isn’t a “biggy”  Ok so it’s only one car or two in a whole day but you’d think he’d at least pop a cone or two out !!.

Couldn’t fault his work, the speed of the installation, and he seemed pretty happy about the DIY cable entry and thank god my French stood up pretty well – job done.  Phone, dialling tone. Mission 1a accomplished.

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